Press release


SNL VEGA PROTEIN  is an innovative product for sports nutrition, which will be showcased for the first time at CPhI China 2018, an important international pharmaceutical trade fair held in Shanghai.

From June 20th to June 22nd the 18th China International Pharmaceutical Industry Expo will open its gates at Shanghai New Int’l Expo Centre. Not only will it reflect the progress of the Chinese pharmaceutical industry, it will also bring together representatives from different sectors of the industry from all over the world (pharmaceutical companies, developers, distributors, professional associations, etc.). Among the main participants of the event there will be IDEAL PHARMA PEPTIDE which will present its innovative peptide complex – SNL VEGA PROTEIN.

About the company

IDEAL PHARMA PEPTIDE (Germany) is a company focused on innovation in bio industry, the high-tech development of which is unique on the market of sports nutrition and biologically active additives. The company develops innovative peptide complexes based on short peptides – unique combinations of 2-3-4 amino acids that have a targeted effect on the expression of genes, which contribute to cell renewal and protein synthesis.

The action of peptide complexes depends mainly on the group of peptide bioregulators they belong to. Already today the company has introduced innovative IPH complexes on the sports nutrition market, each of which has an elaborate composition and its own narrow expertise.

Peptide complexes from Ideal Pharma Peptide are our future and today their use is seen as innovation. The absolute advantage of short peptides is unprecedented efficacy, absence of allergic reaction or side effects. They quickly penetrate into the bloodstream and transport the necessary “information” from one cell to another, in order to regulate the work of a specific gene, biochemical process or organ. SNL peptide complexes have high biological activity and their efficacy has been clinically proven.


SNL VEGA PROTEIN is a fundamentally new product on the sports nutrition market, based on unique vegan proteins – hydrolyzates of pea protein (PPH) and rice protein (RPH) combined with SNL peptide complexes. VEGA PROTEINS combined with SNL peptide complexes will be showcased for the first time at the CPhI China Expo 2018 as one of the latest developments of the European company.

SNL VEGA PROTEIN is recommended for athletes of all fitness levels in order to improve their physical performance and recovery after training. The innovative complex can also be used as a dietary supplement for weight control without any risk for health. The production cycle uses only the latest technologies and environmentally friendly plant based raw materials.

Learn about the mission and philosophy of the European company IDEAL PHARMA PEPTIDE, talk to its representatives and get acquainted with the latest peptide complexes at the international exhibition CPhI & ICSE China 2018.